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Fish tacos
Sourdough Bread





Chicago Style Pizza
Polish Sausage

Jambalaya, Po-Boys, Black beans over rice, Crawfish

Crab Cakes
Soft-shell Crabs

New England Clam Chowder


Kansas City Barbeque

New Jersey

New York
NYC Delis


Kennett Square Mushrooms
Philly Cheesesteak


Maple Syrup



We all love good food, but experiencing something truly excellent in the culinary field can be both rewarding and memorable. Whether you enjoy great Mexican food from the Southwest, crab cakes from Maryland, tangy barbecue from Kansas City, traditional delis from New York or wonderful San Francisco sourdough bread- we want you to experience them all. Learn which foods a region or state is known for so when you travel you will be sure to try a sample.



Alaska Salmon Looking for the rich taste of wild salmon? Consider a fishing trip in Alaska where you can charter a small boat and guide to catch some of the best salmon in the world. Many of the salmon charters are associated with rustic lodges that provide the full outdoors experience. After catching your fish, they will prepare the fish for shipping including filleting, smoking and canning. When purchasing salmon at the store, you will have choices between 'farm raised' and 'wild' or 'organic' salmon. So what is the difference? First is the color. Farm raised salmon is a lighter pink where a harmless synthetic additive is fed to the farm-raised salmon to turn their flesh pinkish orange, a color wild salmon get the same way flamingos do -- by eating crustaceans. Another is the taste - wild salmon's texture and flavor is superior to the fatty, neutral-tasting farmed variety. Third is the health risk recently associated with PCBs found in farm-raised salmon. Some may find wild salmon too strong and prefer the farm-raised, while others are not willing to pay the large price difference for wild salmon. Either way, salmon is a very healthy fish, high in Omega-3, which can be enjoyed by everyone.



California Dates The  Coachella Valley in Southern California is home to the Tree of Life. A naturally sweet fruit, the date is high in fiber and potassium. Originating in the Middle East and Africa, date palms prefer the desert climate. There are hundreds of ways to use dates in cooking along with eating them fresh or dried in cereals. My favorite is a date milkshake! Another favorite is date/nut bread. Here are a few sites if you would like to order fresh dates right from the valley: Brown Date Garden, Desert Valley Date, Jewel Date, and Oasis Date Gardens.

Fish Tacos

San Diego Fish Tacos A "lump of fried or grilled fish, shredded cabbage, salsa fresca and white sauce in a corn tortilla, with a wedge of lime perched on top", fish tacos are an excellent change of pace from hamburgers and hot dogs. Originating with beachstand vendors in Baja, California, the quality of a fish taco varies just like the quality of a great hamburger - freshness, cooking, added condiments. The purists use white fish dipped in beer batter and deep fried, but there are healthier grilled versions also. Perhaps the king of fish tacos, Rubios has been credited with bringing the fish taco to San Diego. Fish tacos are gaining popularity across the U.S. and I can now get them at one of my favorite restaurant (The Four Dogs Tavern) here in Pennsylvania. But if you find yourself in San Diego, be sure to stop by Rubios and order the original.

Sourdough bread

San Francisco Sourdough BreadThe smell of fresh baked bread is among the most wonderful that any food lover can enjoy. The most famous export of San Francisco is sourdough bread- the famously tart, yet delicious bread served all along the waterfront in San Francisco with fresh caught seafood. Sourdough bread is wonderfully elegant- a stronger taste than most breads and fresh baked, hot out of the oven- is superb. Although 1-2 days delay can detract from sourdough bread- and yes, some people actually have it flown overnight to their doorsteps- it is nonetheless delightful and tasty. We vote for sourdough bread with any meal- especially seafood!


Oranges and Grapefruits

Florida OrangesNothing refreshes better than a cold juicy orange. Along with being delicious, oranges and grapefruits are very healthy providing vitamin C and numerous anti-oxidants and minerals. There are many types of oranges including naval, honeybells, temple and tangerine. Some like the temple and tangerine have easy to peal skins, while others are better used for squeezing orange juice. Instead of buying oranges in the food store, try ordering a crate directly from a Florida producer. These are fresher and shipped while the orange is in season. Here are a few websites where you can place your order:, Poinsettia Grove, New River Groves, The Orange Shop and Sun Groves.


Peaches and Pecans

Georgia PeachesAlthough 3rd in production of peaches in the U.S., Georgia peaches are still the tastiest. If you are in Georgia during peak harvest from May to August, buy yourself a fresh picked basket of peaches to bring home or enjoy during your stay. Pecans is another famous product of Georgia - the top producing state with an estimated 100 million pounds grown in 2007. Pecans are harvested in November, but are available all year long. Besides your local store, you can purchase pecans and the many products created from pecans from Georgia produce outlets. Pecans are my favorite nut because they are sweet and contain the best nutritional value of all the yummy nuts available. We put them in salads, cereal, pancakes and on top of ice cream Mostly I just eat them plain! Visit the many farm stands or purchase fresh Georgia peaches and pecans on-line.

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